Up In The Clouds

A light, piano and string-based waltz with a feeling of movement in a happy mood

Cocktails and Kitsch

A quirky and fun 1950s TV-inspired orchestral track

Natural Wonders

A pulsating track with a sense of discovery and adventure.

Spirit Of Adventure

A softly dramatic orchestral piece that builds to a crescendo.

Clouds Across The Mind

A quirky piano-based waltz with a dreamy, child-like feel

Champagne Housewives

Hip-hop influenced urban dramedy with pizzicato strings with a cheeky vibe

Dramedy Safari

A dramedy track with a sneaky, safari feeling

Cotton Candy

A minimal Dramedy track with pizzicato strings, pianos and bassoon

Suspect Pool

A medium paced tension track with an investigative, urgent feel

Gripped by Fear

A sinister, tense track with haunting pianos, foreboding strings, cello and tense fx

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