The Dramedy Mouse

A wacky dramedy track with xylophones, trumpets & bassoon

Cocktails and Kitsch

A quirky and fun 1950s TV-inspired orchestral track

Ukulele Hipsters

A light, upbeat, fun track featuring ukulele

The Dramedy Chicken

A perky, zany, mischievous Dramedy track

The Dramedy Monkeys

Sneaky dramedy with a mischievous yet mysterious feel

Champagne Housewives

Hip-hop influenced urban dramedy with pizzicato strings with a cheeky vibe

Here We Go!

A dramedy track with a light-hearted, childish feeling.

Dramedy Safari

A dramedy track with a sneaky, safari feeling

The Fun house

A madcap, zany and lively whirlwind of a dramedy track

A Man’s Search for Borscht

An energetic, brave and bold solo piano piece with an old school Eastern European feel

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