Late Night Hip Hop

A chilled, piano-based track with a crisp, urban, hip hop backing

Shattered Soul

A beautiful and soulful solo piano piece suggesting turmoil and deep emotions

Dancing Electrons

A tension track with a science/forensics lab feel, with a retro dancey edge

Daft Funk

A smooth, groovy funk/disco track with a chilled vibe

Oliva Sunset

A cool, mellow-vibed chill-out track evoking beach sunsets

Zero Hour

A loungey, chill-out track with a mellow vibe

Hip Hop in a French Cafe

French-sounding instrumentation and style with a hip-hop backing

A Warm Chilled Vibe

A lo-fi warm, mellow chill-out track with a laid-back drum groove

Chilled and Mellow Hip Hop

A mid-tempo urban, laid-back track with crisp beats and a chilled-out, yet pulsating feel.

Chasing the Action

A fast-moving, tension track with a driving bassline, industrial drums and percussion