We offer a variety of top-quality, royalty free music and audio tracks, to compliment your work and projects. Our catalog covers a multitude of styles and genres.

The Founder

Mark Hatter, the man behind Mark Hatter Music, is a British composer, musician and sound engineer, who has been creating music for more than 20 years.

As well as the works in this royalty free site, he has tracks signed to several high profile libraries and has had work used on CNBC, Fox, UK Channel 5, VOX TV, BR TV & Radio and SWR Fernsehen.

How It works

  1. Browse our catalog and choose the music that fits your requirements
  2. Purchase the tracks and optionally add a broadcase license (if the music will be used on TV, on the Radio or in a Film)
  3. Download high quality, watermark free versions of your music via your purchase confirmation email of from your Account area
  4. Use them in your projects and enjoy!

Licenses Kept Simple

We have created 3 license packs to keep things simple – Our standard license has been designed to cover most requirements.

Click Here to see the license information in more detail.

Looking for something specific or want something custom-made?

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