Royalty Free Music for All Your Needs

A collection of royalty free music for use in your projects

The Chase is OnFrom $19.99

An electronic instrumental based tension track

Balloon FlightFrom $19.99

An uplifting and inspirational solo piano piece

City LightsFrom $19.99

An energetic track with pianos, acoustic guitars, finger snaps and an uplifting vibe

Cotton CandyFrom $19.99

A minimal Dramedy track with pizzicato strings, pianos and bassoon

Suspect PoolFrom $19.99

A medium paced tension track with an investigative, urgent feel

Gripped by FearFrom $19.99

A sinister, tense track with haunting pianos, foreboding strings, cello and tense fx

Wonders of the OceanFrom $19.99

An epic, dramatic orchestral piece that builds to a crescendo.

Epic Action AdventureFrom $19.99

An orchestral based track with an atmosphere of action, heroism, risk and adventure.

Chilled and Mellow Hip HopFrom $19.99

A mid-tempo urban, laid-back track with crisp beats and a chilled-out, yet pulsating feel.

Chasing the ActionFrom $19.99

A fast-moving, tension track with a driving bassline, industrial drums and percussion

A Man’s Search for BorschtFrom $19.99

An energetic, brave and bold solo piano piece with an old school Eastern European feel

The Dramedy HipposFrom $19.99

A cute, quirky, comedic dramedy track featuring Pizzicato Strings, Bassoon and Marimba.

Sundown After the SurfFrom $19.99

A laid-back, loungey jazz-influenced chill-out track with a relaxed, modern feel