Royalty Free Music for All Your Needs

A collection of royalty free music for use in your projects

Oliva SunsetFrom $19.99

A cool, mellow-vibed chill-out track evoking beach sunsets

In Hot PursuitFrom $19.99

An edgy and mysterious tension track creating an uneasy and anxious mood

Struggle ThroughFrom $19.99

A sad, sombre acoustic piano track

The Day You LeftFrom $19.99

A slow-paced, emotional, raw, stripped-back piano piece

Happy and CarefreeFrom $19.99

A joyful, quirky track with ukuleles and handclaps

The Empty RoomFrom $19.99

A sad yet hopeful solo piano piece

Champagne HousewivesFrom $19.99

Hip-hop influenced urban dramedy with pizzicato strings with a cheeky vibe

Your Last RequestFrom $19.99

An emotional, hopeful solo piano track

Zero HourFrom $19.99

A loungey, chill-out track with a mellow vibe

Breaking News HeadlinesFrom $19.99

A dramatic, orchestral track, perfect for breaking news stories

Top of the PileFrom $19.99

A lively, classical solo piano piece with a timeless quality

Here We Go!From $19.99

A dramedy track with a light-hearted, childish feeling.

Feeling NeutralFrom $19.99

A slowly evolving neutral underscore.

Dramedy SafariFrom $19.99

A dramedy track with a sneaky, safari feeling

Hip Hop in a French CafeFrom $19.99

French-sounding instrumentation and style with a hip-hop backing

Sunset Beach PartyFrom $19.99

A laid-back house track with mellow piano melodies and beachy vibes

A Happy DayFrom $19.99

A joyful, lively and carefree solo piano track with a nod to the retro

A Warm Chilled VibeFrom $19.99

A lo-fi warm, mellow chill-out track with a laid-back drum groove

Footsteps in the DarkFrom $19.99

A dark tension track with a suspenseful, foreboding feel.

The Fun houseFrom $19.99

A madcap, zany and lively whirlwind of a dramedy track

Perfect MorningFrom $19.99

A delightful, uplifting and motivational track with a light yet quirky touch